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Weddings, performances & celebrations – they rally us together and remind us of heritage, inspiration & unity. 

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A short while back, Artifact Uprising and I began discussing what makes Moms so special. Personally, I get frustrated when trying to tell my Mom how much she means to me because cards and phone calls feel flat, underwhelming, and inaccurate when compared to my deeper emotions. After all, when I think of the unique connection I have with my Mom, I am flooded with memories – from playing hookie to go to the beach together, to raising a glass in honor of her remission from cancer, to celebrating Thanksgiving with chopsticks in Hangzhou. I wanted to make something that honored those memories.

As the process unfolded with Artifact Uprising and they commissioned this video, I was struck with how accurate their branding is – in both product, word, and deed they truly are inspired by the disappearing beauty of the tangible. It was an honor to work with such an honest and creative group and I hope you enjoy the end result. 

PS notice a familiar face other than mine? Delanie and her son, Wyatt, make a stunning appearance for the introduction. Thanks again The Craftsman and Apprentice!

The Sound of Dust


Friendships come from unexpected places. 

I first heard Jesse play when I was hanging out at a ballet company, trying to get a job. His haunting yet soothing compositions created entire landscapes in my imagination that day and continue to do so with each listen. It has been an absolute honor to get to know this quiet man who can conjure powerful atmospheres onstage, and I look forward to future collaborations. 

"Mother Nature's Need" was written for the same ballet company where Jesse and I met. It's called Wonderbound and I have now worked there for two seasons. The production, "Dust," follows the lives of Colorado settlers through an often overlooked chapter in our state's history – the Dust Bowl. The show features both company members from Wonderbound and actors from Curious Theatre Company. It runs April 15-30 in Denver, CO and promises to be one hell of an experience. 

Jesse's Website
Performance Website


A Community Minded Business on the Cusp of a New Chapter


When Delanie approached me about making a video for The Craftsman & Apprentice's upcoming crowdfunding campaign, I couldn't wait to begin. C&A is one of those rare locations that, if you did not already call Denver home, would make you want to move here yesterday. Basically, they embody the value & contentment of working with your hands. They accomplish this by honoring the workshop as a space to connect, share, and discover the good life – at any age. 

Over the course of two half-day shoots, we captured a variety of people who use the space. Our goal was to show how much community impact they already enjoy and how that reach will amplify through an expansion of the business. Construction is currently underway and I encourage you to keep up with them on social media to see the results:


An Unexpected Start to an Unforgettable Day


Anna approached me with a challenge – she wanted to make a gift that her fiancé, Carson, would never expect. After some brainstorming, we enlisted the help of his best friend to take him out for a drink while Anna and I went through old photos and I interviewed her about their nine year relationship.

The resulting video was hand-delivered to him by his Dad on the morning of their wedding. 


What Winter Sounds Like


Denver folk musician Jesse Manley concocts albums that take listeners on a journey. For one of his recent works, Winter, he enlisted the help of five other musicians to recreate the emotion and drama of our darkest season. Jesse wanted to highlight the talent of his band with a simple video that gave time to each player.

We filmed in a warehouse in downtown Denver, picking up the sights of the city as the band played with a backdrop of sirens, pedestrians, and Park Avenue bustle.

Buy the album.


A Product Looking for Greater Reach


Soap carving – timeless, simple, & fun. Yet, The Craftsman and Apprentice kept receiving feedback that customers were intimidated by the process even though instructions are provided. It seemed the kits needed a bit more human touch.

Integrating the beautiful design work of Daniel Quay, we shot a short promotional piece that doubles as a tutorial. It lowers the fear factor for people new to carving soap and also allows online customers the opportunity to see before they buy.



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